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Main Office:
100 E. Nasa Parkway, Suite 303
Webster, TX 77598
281-338-POOL (7665)
Fax: 281-316-0561

Pearland Office:
4111 Rice Drier Rd #2-H
Pearland, TX 77581

    Our Vision

    Our “full-service, small company” customer service approach embodies our commitment and our delivery to both customers and staff. We take every opportunity to place our customers first, to ensure that the confidence placed in us, by selecting Poseidon Pools for our services & professional reputation, is reinforced with our performance and commitment to excellence.

    We look at each employee as a unique individual. We use positive reinforcement techniques that inspire professional performance. We create a work environment that is both stimulating and educational. A winning combination that is benefit to our customers. The ultimate goal being, customer service and employee relations that is superior to any in our industry.

    • Terri Smith


    • Bryce Smith

      Director of Maintenance &
      Facility Operations

    • Misti Stockwell

      Aquatics/North Zone Director

    • Leo Castillo

      South Zone Director

    • Travis Smith

      Pearland Zone Director


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